Customer Satisfaction

Since business is in a constant state of change, this is a never ending process. That’s why we survey our Customers each year to identify any areas needing improvement. In our most recent survey, Customers indicated they are most satisfied with our staff’s knowledge and assistance, the quality of contract sterilization services, and our Customer service and support. We achieved an overall satisfaction rating of 95% and 96% of those who responded stated they would continue using our services and would even recommend us to an industry colleague.

STERIS Isomedix Services is built around you. Here are the areas and processes that help us fulfill our commitment to picture perfect satisfaction.

Customer Service Training

We view every role within the organization as a Customer service role. We use training professionals to educate our employees on Customer service and on Customer solutions. This annual training program provides ongoing reinforcement and instruction.

New Customer Acclimation

From the moment you become our Customer, we strive to make every encounter as easy as possible. We use a Six Sigma-based process to welcome first-time Customers. We are in constant communication with you throughout the start-up process and provide resources such as contact lists and a welcome package. Our proactive approach also ensures that everyone at our facility is knowledgeable about your product and your needs before your first shipment arrives at our facility.

TechTeam® Support

Our dedicated TechTeam® professionals provide vital technical support in all phases of the sterilization design process, including product development, materials testing, protocol generation, and sterility validation. TechTeam members present insightful alternatives, choices, specialty solutions, and total project management to address complex sterilization issues. Throughout the year, we offer educational seminars that bring together the technical leaders of STERIS Isomedix Services with outside experts to address topics critical to success in today’s marketplace.

Supply Chain and Turnaround

We realize the importance of getting your products to the market promptly. With a keen understanding of supply chain management, we work with you to improve turnaround time, reduce inventory, and speed to market.

Supply Chain Visibility

Our supply chain focus includes the SteriLink® interactive online platform designed to shorten time between manufacturing and distribution by allowing Customers to monitor inventory 24/7, send and receive e-mail alerts, review and retrieve historical processing documents, check performance metrics, and generate reports. The ability to access real-time processing information from any computer at any time saves valuable time and allows you to easily interact with our facilities.

Proximity, Capacity, and Growth

With 19 facilities throughout North America, STERIS Isomedix Services gives you additional options and flexibility for better supply chain management. More importantly, our greater overall capacity ensures continued efficient turnaround and lets you grow your business without worrying about outgrowing your contract sterilization provider!

Product Handling

We are dedicated to getting your product and packaging back to you in the same condition as we received it. As part of our commitment to Customer satisfaction, we have an improvement process in place to monitor how we “touch” your product, and when necessary, apply improvement plans. This has reduced the number of damaged item occurrences and resulted in a higher level of service.

Continuous Improvement

In an effort to maintain a formal feedback loop with our Customers, we conduct an annual satisfaction survey, measuring each point of our service offering. These studies have led us to embark on key initiatives that have resulted in many of the programs listed above.

Commitment to Safety

To ensure that safety is the top priority in our daily work activities, all facilities are committed to our STERIS World Class Safety Excellence initiatives.

Compliance and Certifications

STERIS Isomedix Services operates under a quality system that is in compliance with 21 CFR Part 820 and applicable sections of 21 CFR Part 211. In addition, STERIS Isomedix Services is registered to the ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 Quality Standards, and adheres to the requirements of ISO 11137-1:2006 (Gamma) and ISO 11135-1:2007 (EO).

STERIS Isomedix Services offers an unmatched combination of technologies, services, and employees with the dedication and passion to help our Customers succeed. Our continual investment in facilities, technology, and our people ensures that our Customers have the best possible resources for continued success.