Gamma Engineering Runs

STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies offers gamma engineering runs at our Libertyville North, Illinois processing facility. This unique program provides a simple, cost-effective method to study the effects of the gamma process on product components or packaging, and is ideal for evaluating materials compatibility prior to beginning a full scale new product development project.In an engineering run, product is exposed to a standard gamma irradiation cycle with a typical dose range used for medical device processing. Gamma engineering runs are performed throughout the week and Customers may submit multiple boxes per run.

Dosimeters are not placed on products in the gamma engineering runs as the cycle is used solely as an indicator of product reaction to a high intensity gamma energy field. The gamma engineering run program is not intended to set dose ranges and is not suitable for product validation. Actual dose received varies with product density and configuration. No dose will be reported.

Submit Product for a Gamma Engineering Run

To submit product for an engineering run, please download and complete the following form:

Gamma Engineering Run Request Form

Note: If you are not a current Customer of STERIS, please complete a STERIS Credit Application and W-9 form and submit both documents with the gamma engineering run request form.

We also offer Ethylene Oxide Engineering Runs at our Minneapolis, Minnesota facility.